prices and terms

Day pass ~ $35

Good 4 hours or less of supervised access to Radiant Neon's ~700 sq ft studio space, glass bending torches and limited practice glass (see below). Additional time is available if needed.

Renters are expected to sign a liability waiver, to demonstrate prior experience with glass bending equipment, and to provide their own personal bending kit (including protective eyewear, blow hose, and glass file).  A personal bending kit is  available for purchase if needed.

Note: A day pass does not include access to our neon processing unit.

10-day punch card ~ $300

Purchase ten day passes in advance at a discounted rate.  Each punch includes all of the features and benefits of a day pass, as described above. 

Card holder is responsible for their punch card. You must bring it for each visit or pay the day rate for that visit.  Punch cards expire one year from the original date of purchase.

Glass and Electrodes

Day passes include up to 5 sticks of practice glass: Clear, uncoated 10mm, and 12mm for use during the same visit, and access to our scrap bucket for practice.  Unbent practice glass may not be carried out of the studio. We reserve the right to limit access to practice glass for any reason, including limited availability or perceived exploitation of this policy.


Glass is also available for purchase in our space.  Clear, uncoated  4' tubes are available for range in price and pricing is posted in the space.  We're also happy to help you place an order through one of our suppliers - please ask for details.

10mm and 12mm electrodes are available for $5.00 a pair. 


Processing tubes

As of January 2020, we are set up to fill tubes with neon or xenon gas.  We do not currently use mercury in our shop.  We will add electrodes and process your tube for $35.  If your tube already has electrodes we will process it for $30. Processing neon successfully depends on a number of factors and we cannot guarantee success. Repairs done as part of processing are subject to an additional charge.


If you have storage needs, let us know. We're open to a monthly storage of glass tubes or space to store projects in the works on our glass storage pegs. 


Group Events

We are able to host small groups (up to 6 people) for a unique, guided neon experience, no prior experience required.  Pricing and terms for group events are set on a case-by-case basis; please contact us for details.


Prices and terms last updated January 4th, 2020.