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One-of-a-kind light.

December 16th, 10am - 3pm

No bending experience required.


Studio Practice

This is an add-on for anyone currently enrolled
in Neon Newbies
or Light Lab. 

This is an excellent choice for someone taking Neon Newbies to practice that week's curriculum. It's also a place for Light Lab students to spend more time on personal projects. 

This is only practice time - no formal training built in. Staff will be on site to assist with questions and offer support.

Students may choose to book a single visit

or multiple studio visits.

*Prerequisite: Currently enrolled in either Neon Newbies or Light Lab.

    Tuesdays | 3 - 6 pm | $65/visit


Wednesday | 6 - 9 pm | $65/visit

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