Make Neon With Us  


Neon Newbies

For brand new neon makers | No experience required.

 This is a 4 week class that covers neon bending basics. Overview of history of neon and influential neon signs & artwork.

Loose curriculum - (Subject to change)

  • Week 1 - Safety, studio practices, demos and first two bends: Right angles and double backs

  • Week 2 - Revisit first two bends and introduce welding glass together. In depth pattern direction.

  • Week 3 - Review first three bends and introduction to soft curves and circles

  • Week 4 - Culmination of previous weeks and introduction to block letters. Script letters, time permitting.

Tuesdays | 6 - 9 pm | $675 

Light Lab

For beginner and intermediate neon makers

 This is a 5 week hybrid class and project space
Neon Newbies or equivalent experience required


What to expect

We have a loose teaching structure and will cover some of the curriculum from Neon Newbies. Additionally, students will have space to work on personal projects. Staff will help you build strong patterns, troubleshoot glass bending challenges, and provide general moral support :)

This is the middle stage for glass bending. Beginners and intermediate skill levels find each other here. If you still have glass bending questions and need support through the learning process, this is the place for you.

*Prerequisite: Neon Newbies

Mondays | 6 - 9 pm | $715 


Studio Practice

This is an add-on for anyone enrolled in Neon Newbies

or Light Lab. 

This is an excellent choice for someone taking Neon Newbies to practice that week's curriculum. It's also a place for Light Lab students to spend more time on personal projects. 

This is only practice time - no formal training built in. Staff will be on site to assist with questions and offer support.

Students may choose to book a single visit

or multiple studio visits.

*Prerequisite: Currently enrolled in either Neon Newbies or Light Lab.

    Tuesdays | 3 - 6 pm | $65/visit


Wednesday | 6 - 9 pm | $65/visit


Neon Night Out

This is a one day workshop for

two people.

It's for those who love neon and want to give it a go.

Bring a simple idea and turn it into an amazing work of illuminated art.

No experience required.